In the Shadows

This may or may not come as a surprise to some but I and others like me living in foreign lands feel the utmost empathy, sympathy and rage on behalf […]

Coutinho Magic

Coutinho Magic

Coutinho Magic.   This may end up becoming an erotic tale. I am warning you right now. Don’t get half way through and give me crap about how this turned […]

RAM Trucks Coming to Australia

Are Ram Trucks Coming to Australia?

Are Ram Trucks Coming to Australia? When people ask are Ram Trucks coming to Australia, I often wonder, what could you possibly be doing that warrants such a big car. But asking […]

Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel

Jeep Grand Cherokee – The Green Choice?

Jeep Grand Cherokee – Award Winning Performance Giant SUV’s have for the most part been given a bad wrap as far as their environmental credentials are concerned, however the 2015 […]

Liverpool vs Arsenal, it makes me feel giddy too!

The Ass in Arsenal vs Liverpool

There are certain fixtures where as a Liverpool fan, you kinda hope for the best, but expect not much of anything to happen at all.   ARS v #LFC: The […]


What in the World is Raheem Thinking? As Told by Kenneth

Have you ever had that one friend that literally was the best at everything until he actually opened his mouth? Well, if you haven’t, let me introduce you to Raheem […]

Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Platinum

Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Platinum

Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Platinum The Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Platinum is a mouthful to say. The Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Platinum is worthy of such a long title, so […]

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